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The Founders

Learn more about the guys behind SYNC Vans.

Meet the Team

Sync, LLC known as SYNC Vans was founded in 2015 by Josh Shetler and Jay Sfingi, long time business partners located in Hailey, Idaho.  An avid outdoorsman, Josh recognized an opportunity to provide a better solution to the conversion van space.  Josh was inspired to better realize what he and other people want and need in a recreational utility van, eliminating a lot of the unnecessary, complicated components that only create unwanted drama on the road. With Jay's design background and the collective fabrication skill sets of both partners, their shop team and specialty subcontractors, SYNC is creating the next evolution of van conversions.

The creative process never sleeps and so we continue to evolve, improve and contemplate new ideas.  Subsequently, our offerings continue to expand with the same insight and spirit that influenced our first model. We continue to brainstorm new layouts, ideas and useful products that make sense and mesh with the SYNC philosophy of user friendly, functional and well crafted conversions.  Of course, if one of our models doesn't suit your specific needs, we can always add or delete something or do a full custom build!

When not working, Josh and Jay enjoy a myriad of activities including fly fishing, golfing, bird hunting, kayaking, mountain biking, snow boarding, hiking and generally enjoying the great outdoors.