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The Atlas incorporates all of the items listed below as part of its base package.  What differentiates the Atlas from the other models is the bed location and configuration.  The Atlas utilizes a 2 or 3 panel removable bed located in the rear portion of the van set low enough so you can sit up in bed.

  • Sound Dampening & Insulation

  • Interior Package: Includes Marine Grade Floor and Wainscot, Upholstered Walls and Ceilings and Mechanical/Utility Cabinets

  • Rear Driver & Passenger Windows w/ Operable T-Vents

  • 2 Panel Removable Bed

  • Base Cabinet w/ Custom Countertop

  • Fold Down Sink and Faucet

  • Driver Side Upper Storage Cabinets

  • Passenger Side Wheel Well Cubbie Storage

  • Removable Cooler On Locking Slide Out Tray

  • Power Distribution Package: Batteries, Power Panel, Charging Relay, Outlets, Etc.

  • Water Package: Marine Grade Exterior Shower, Fresh/Grey Water Tanks, Pump, Etc.

  • Heating Package: Webasto Dual-Top, Cabin and Water Heater Distribution

  • LED Lighting Package w/ Dimmable Switching

  • Window Blind Package

  • Adjustable Speed Roof Vent